‘Film your City : One Minute’

Screening: Oct. 27th | 19:00h-21:00h | Location confirmed: Pedersgaten 31
Welcome and introduction by Daniela Ariado at 19:00h


Previous to the festival, artist Kenneth Varpe, actor/filmmakers Vegar Hoel and Marco Kanic, toured and visited several high schools in the region of Rogeland presenting the history and the production of moving image for public space.  Through concrete examples they gave a brief introduction to the medium’s technological development, aspects of filmmaking, among others, script, idea, storyboarding and assembly technology, and highlighted how this can currently can be done by “everyone” using, for example, smart phones. Students were then invited to produce their own works of one minute duration, without sound, based on the concept of “room”, where they use the city as a canvas for storytelling.

In a competition the three best videos have been selected and are screened in public space of Stavanger during the festival on Sunday Oct. 27th:


Tenk utenfor boksen – Think Outside the Box (2013) 00:59 min
Hetland videregående skole – klasse I mfa/b

Effektivt fortalt historie om skriveblokkering. Den forteller om det ytre og de indre rom.  Hvordan en indre blokkering kan låse ytre handlinger. Filmen foregår på det psykiske og det fysiske plan. Den visualiserer hvordan en person bør komme over indre konflikter for å kunne løse ytre problem.

A story effectively told about a writer’s block . It explores the external and the internal, how an internal blockade can unlock motions. The film takes place on the psychic and the physical level and visualizes how a person should get over inner conflicts to solve external problems.

I Det Åpne Rom – In the Open Room (2013)  01:00 min
Hetland videregående skole – klasse I mfa/b

En film om det indre og det ytre rom. Gjennom time-lapse og farge justering presenteres et bilde av en ensom person som er innelukket.  Personen er statisk imens verden beveger seg hektisk rundt ham. Filmen formidler menneskets avhengighet til relasjoner for å kunne forholde seg til sine omgivelser, og til det ytre rom.

A film about the inner and outer space . Through time-lapse and colour adjustment it presents an image of a lonely person who is enclosed. The person appears static while in the meantime the world paced around him moves fast. The film conveys the human dependence on a relationships to the environment and to the outer space.

How to save The World (2013) 00:53 min
Stavanger Offshore Tekniske Skole – klasse Tip A

En kortfilm som tar fatt i ordspill. Filmen bruker en universell problemstilling og omgjør den til en handling. Filmen kommenterer samtiden og setter det globale opp mot det personlige. Hva betyr dine handlinger sett i en global sammenheng?

A short film that takes hold of a wordplay. The film uses a universal problem and converts it to an action, it is commenting on the present and sets the global towards the personal. What does your actions mean, seen in a global context?

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the regional county and their Cultural Rucksack program.


Program Overview


19h | Vernissage, partner event - Re:place exhibition: This must be the place | KINOKINO – Sandnes kunstforening


19h - 20h | Opening act: Architectural Mapping by Bordos.ArtWorks | Stavanger Domkirke

19h - 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata street 31-33, 38, 46; Nytorget_Bakspeilet square, Rogaland Art Centre

21h - 02h | Opening party | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen, Kvitsøygata 25

22h | Live performance: by Greg Pope and John Hegre | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen


12h and 18h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | The tour starts from Stavanger train station.
Registration here!

14h and 15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | SF Kino, Sal 8 - Stavanger

19h – 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h – 22h | Urban Screening Nordic Outbreak presents: Everyday Territories | Lervigstunet Park

20h – 22h | Live acts: Tou Scene VJ show by Bordos.ArtWorks In collaboration with Estonian Dream, Festival of Contemporary Art


11h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | Departure 11h: Stavanger train station.
11.16-11.40h – Soundwalk | Sandnes City Center
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12h – 19.30h | Symposium: Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

16.30h – 17.15h | Lecture Performance "Folgen" by Michelle Teran | KINOKINO, Sal 3 - Sandnes

18.15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

19h - 24h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h - 21h | Youth Program – Reclaiming the city | Screening at Pedersgata 31.