Nordic Outbreak presents: Everyday Territories

Leirvigstunet Park | Oct.26th | 19.00h-22.00h

Nordic Outbreak is a traveling exhibition exploring contemporary dynamics in Nordic moving image and new modes of exhibition in the digital age. It reflects an open exhibition structure for the museum without walls and contemporary ways of engaging with cities through moving image. The exhibition is presented via large projections and installations on screens in public and non-traditional exhibition spaces at partnering arts institutions and cultural and architectural centres. The exhibition program was launched in New York City in March 2013 and will travel throughout the Nordic region and internationally in Fall 2013, accompanied by public programs. Nordic Outbreak is presented by Streaming Museum and curated and produced by Tanya Toft, Associate Curator at Streaming Museum and Ph.D. Fellow at Copenhagen University, and Nina Colosi, Creative Director and Founder of Streaming Museum. The program is produced in collaboration with curators Daniela Arriado, Birta Gudjonsdottir, Kati Kivinen and Jacob Lillemose.

Everyday Territories

In Stavanger, the select Nordic Outbreak program explores the theme of Everyday Territories. Our everyday territories, both psychic and material – our household, work place or neighbourhood, and spaces that we occupy in virtual worlds – are held together by invisible rules, expectations and gazes of society. The works presented in Everyday Territories offer insights into fictive and real-imagined situations, which might appear to be ‘just normal’ but underneath the surface reveal narratives of economic inequality, domestic resistance, feminist issues, cultural displacement and dreams of escapism that exist in a parallel stream to the facade of normalcy.

Installed in the middle of the Lervigstunet park, an important site in the eastside development of Stavanger, the theme responds to locally relevant issues of borders and migration and to Stavanger as a city in movement and development influenced by changing meanings of its physical, cultural and symbolic territories.


Iselin Linstad Hauge (NO): The Foreignness of Her (2011) | 3:50 min | with sound


The Foreignness of Herconsists of text and moving images that show a waterbuck calf trapped inside a structure of high concrete walls. The calf shifts between standing completely still to walking back and forth, as if trying to find a way out, while the camera follows her every move closely. The walls are all too high, and there seems to be no exit. She gets increasingly restless while examining their height.

Jessica Faiss (SE): Rewind (2011) | 9 min


The video is filmed on the way to Narita airport, in Tokyo, on an early December morning, but the destination is never reached. We travel in a dreamy landscape, through buildings and roads but see only a “sky”. The atmosphere is surrealistic and silent.

Jette Ellgaard (DK): West Coast (2009) | 5 min | with sound


A woman drives a car in the countryside in a rough, poetic and underacted atmosphere. The combination of radio hits and her driving towards the wide-open landscape evokes the country bumpkin within her inner hick. She stops the car and enters a newly harvested cornfield, where she dances with a farmer – until she bows and drives on again. The work deals with nature, culture and gender relations in our contemporary time, and with a basic fascination with a still deeply rooted farming culture in Denmark, which however is hastily changing.

Jeannette Ehlers (DK): Black Bullets (2012) | 4:33 min | with sound


On 14th of August 1791, The Haitian Revolution began. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity echoed from the streets of Paris. They echoed across the Atlantic to the African slaves in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (Haiti), which was the first Latin American country to gain independence as a result of the only successful slave revolt in history. This piece is a tribute to revolt.

Eva Olsson (SE): On Non-Freehold Property (2011) | 3:02 min | with sound


Eva Olsson’s works are reflections on everyday life and social issues in the modern western world. She reconstructs familiar situations to create new insights. In On-Non-Freehold Property she asks the question: What is one to do when trapped in a situation, which cannot be changed – a situation that involves the right of possession but not ownership?

Dodda Maggý (IS): There, there (2013) | 4:30 min | with sound


In this still-camera work, Dodda Maggy creates a visual portrait of a non-spectacular, ordinary place in nature, which becomes a magically colourful setting for reflecting the internal dimensions of dreams, memories and imagination.

Birgitte Sigmundstad (NO): Morning (2011) | 1:15 min | with sound


Birgitte Sigmundstad explores a documentary genre in this piece, which shows an image of a woman washing herself in a soldier’s helmet. The narrative stems from a story that the artist was once told from post-war Germany, which stayed in her mind and which she has reconstructed into a simple image that deals with both the past and the present.

Magnus Sigurdarson (IS): 1001 Dreams of Occupation (2012) | 6:52 min | with sound


Exploring issues of identity and transformation, Sigurdarson’s multi-layered performance-based work approaches what he calls the “diagnosis of the obvious” using imagery to transcend the visual into the emotional through a process of his own conceptualization. This video is shot on the corner of Ali Baba Ave and Barack Obama Str. in Opa-Locka township just North of Miami, which has the largest collection of Moorish Revival architecture in the Western hemisphere.

Antti Laitinen (FL): Snowman (2006) | 7 min


In this performative work of absurdity and physical endurance, the artist affixes a large carrot as his nose, as his body is covered in a snow of falling white powder. Antti Laitinen’s works combine performance with video and photography, while he smoothly mixes a sense of absurd seriousness and angular humour.

Vibeke Jensen (NO): SLEEPER_CELL (2003/2013) | 5 min


Vibeke Jensen’s SLEEPER_CELL (2003/2013) addresses the post 9/11 terminology and condition. Shot from the artist’s loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn it shows events and non-events outside her window. The work investigates the power of positioning, implicit and explicit vision, and the choice of protagonists to participate or disengage from the watching eye.

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Program Overview


19h | Vernissage, partner event - Re:place exhibition: This must be the place | KINOKINO – Sandnes kunstforening


19h - 20h | Opening act: Architectural Mapping by Bordos.ArtWorks | Stavanger Domkirke

19h - 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata street 31-33, 38, 46; Nytorget_Bakspeilet square, Rogaland Art Centre

21h - 02h | Opening party | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen, Kvitsøygata 25

22h | Live performance: by Greg Pope and John Hegre | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen


12h and 18h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | The tour starts from Stavanger train station.
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14h and 15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | SF Kino, Sal 8 - Stavanger

19h – 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h – 22h | Urban Screening Nordic Outbreak presents: Everyday Territories | Lervigstunet Park

20h – 22h | Live acts: Tou Scene VJ show by Bordos.ArtWorks In collaboration with Estonian Dream, Festival of Contemporary Art


11h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | Departure 11h: Stavanger train station.
11.16-11.40h – Soundwalk | Sandnes City Center
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12h – 19.30h | Symposium: Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

16.30h – 17.15h | Lecture Performance "Folgen" by Michelle Teran | KINOKINO, Sal 3 - Sandnes

18.15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

19h - 24h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h - 21h | Youth Program – Reclaiming the city | Screening at Pedersgata 31.