Screen City Festival Stavanger on tour in 2014

In 2014 selected art pieces of the festival section “Neighbourhood Projections – Screen Passage” will go on tour to different places around the globe such as Berlin, Riga, Ceresole Reale, Aarhus and Melbourne. The aim is to explore the effect of our art screenings in diverse public contexts and surroundings. Curators: Daniela Arriado & Mirjam Struppek.


Fifth stop: Turin, The Others Fair – the Wild Side

November  7th 2014 | 19.00 – 01.00 | Ex-Carcere Le Nuove / OTHERSCREEN (sala cinema) – Map

Screen City Festival presents the video program Borders and Migration at The Others Fair in the section Otherscreen: an international exhibition project dedicated to the emerging contemporary art in the former jail of Le Nuove – 06.-09. November. The context of ”The Others” and it’s unique location – the former jail of Le Nuove – as well as the theme  ”The Wild Side” will open up new meanings and thoughts around the artistic reflections on the global issue around borders and migration.

Comunicato stampa (IT) – pdf

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Fourth stop: Berlin, Kulturfestival Wedding-Moabit / Connecting Cities Lichtparcours

September 11.-14. 2014 | 21:00 – 00:00 | SUPERMARKT, Brunnenstr. 64

In the context of the Kulturfestival Wedding-Moabit the six artists of our program Borders and Migration are reflecting on this global issue through their medium of video art. They are becoming part of  the  Connecting Cities – Urban Reflections ‘Lichtparcour’ transforming the windows in the ‘Brunnenkiez’ (local neighborhood) into interactive light and projection windows. A colaboration with Public Art Lab und SUPERMARKT Berlin.

25 years ago the iron curtain fell in Europe and opened new streams of migration an resettlement of people. Only a few steps away from the screening location the Berlin wall was dividing the west-ditrict Wedding from the east-district Mitte. After the fall of the wall this area has faced huge urban transformation processes. However, while the physical border disappered and the two districts have been unified an invisible border still can be felt between the new posh Mitte and the traditional working class and imigrant distric Wedding. But small scale initiatives continue to try to bridge this gap calling for more tollerance and understanding.


Third stop: Ceresole Reale, Italy – Special Guest Screening

August 23rd, 24th, 30th,31st | 19:30h-22:30h | Casa Rivetti
Vernissage: 23 August – 19:30 h

Comunicato stampa (Italiano)
Press release (English)
of the Vernissage

Screen City Festival - Guest Screening - Ceresole RealeIn collaboration with the Rivetti family we turn two windows of their holiday house in the woods for 3 hours in the evening into screens and invite the public to pass by and enjoy with us the artscreening on the large balcony.

For Ceresole Reale we have chosen to show our program Borders and Migration and the video Evighetens Avkom of the program Imaginary Landscapes, creating a confrontation between a wild panorama of remote landscapes and the theme of migration. Migration is a wide topic that can be seen from various angles. With our screening in Ceresole Reale we would like to raise the question of what migration means in places in the mountains. Here animals follow their own cycle of migration since ages. Young people however recently are leaving their home villages, choosing life in a big city. In return people temporarily migrate to the mountains to escape the unbearable heat of the urban space so in summer Ceresole Reale becomes alive. Finally all is intertwined with a global movement of people of different race.

In collaboration with the Comune di Ceresole Reale and with the support of Chalet del Lago.

First test screening:

Second stop: Riga, Latvia –  Waterpieces Festival

August 15th-17th 2014 | 19:00h-22:00h |

Our partner Screencity Lab in collaboration with Interactionfield is organizing two urban screenings in the context of the 14th International Contemporary and Video Art Festival Waterpieces in the relation to Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture.

As one of the most significant events of the festival, the program on the “Temporary Urban Screen Riga“, is designed specifically for the location. It is a collection of moving image from an open call and larger Urban Screen initiatives in Europe and the United States. Urban Tide produced by the Screencity Festival Stavanger will be part of the special program “City as context” which will be shown at Peldosais Makslas Centrs “NOASS” , Riga.

       "City Distortions" by Jaykoe Arts at Waterpieces festival Riga - Photo: Lorenzo Gerbi       "City Distortions" by Jaykoe Arts at Waterpieces festival Riga - Photo: Lorenzo Gerbi

First stop: Berlin, Germany – 48Stunden Neukölln – Das Kunstfestival

June 27th-29th 2014 | 19:00h-22:00h |

This year the festival of the arts, 48 Stunden Neukölln asked under the theme “Courage” how to deal with the issues facing a society in the process of changing fundamentally? . In this context the Screen City Festival Stavanger contributed the program Borders and Migration shown in the Central Exhibition and the program (De)constructing Space shown in the window of the “Lernladen Neukölln”.