Sal 2 | Oct.27th | 17.30h | 40 min

'The revolving restaurant' by Bull Miletic
‘HeavenCanWait’ by Bull.Miletic

The revolving restaurant and cinéma trouvé by Bull.Miletic

The revolving restaurant offers a pocket of temporality as an architectural response to the general cinefication of everyday life that increased in power from the 1950s. With the panoramic motion view, it is intended to satisfy a busy tourist agenda by mediating its own locale in cinematic fashion. As the panoramic view is “sticking” to the window-wall of the revolving restaurant, the flatness of a screen presents the view to the visitor-spectator, comfortably seated in a controlled environment. Thus, in the revolving restaurant, the itinerant panoramic view can be seen as found cinema, or cinéma trouvé, a virtual travel where the window surface becomes the “film screen” of immaterial architecture.

In this talk, we will expand the line of aerial view to include what Pavle Levi would call the “cine-dream” of kinetic architecture found in the early 20th century avant-garde, of which Vladimir Tatlin’s epitome of constructivist architecture, Monument to the Third International, is a prime example. We are specifically targeting architectural structures that combine mechanical motion with a sense of overview either as a physical aerial view, such as the revolving restaurant, or implied through an “all-seeing” kino-eye of the city symphony and the infinite eye of the diagram. To illustrate our point we will consider selected examples of kinetic and media architecture, from the Eamses’s information spaces of the 1960s to the hypothetical structures of invisible architecture, sketched out by the legendary architectural movement known as Archigram in the same period.  We will end up discussing the latest iconic addition to Oslo’s arsenal of attractions in the bustling new upscale neighborhood of Tjuvholmen—the 90-metre observation tower poignantly named Sneak Peak. With this we hope to draft a distinct trace of architectural circulation that will serve to articulate a very specific cinematic experience.

Bull.Miletic (Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. They have had exhibitions at arenas like 2006 California Biennale, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Pasadena Museum of California Art, Victorian Arts Center, Melbourne, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, MoCA Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita and Museum of Contemporary Art, Beograd.

Symposium Overview

11.30h - Registration
12.00h - Welcome by Daniela Arriado
12.05h - Simone Arcagni: CityNet - the city as macromedium
12.25h - Simon Biggs: A question of screens – images, media, storytelling
12.45h - Ava Fatah Gen. Schieck: Social interaction and urban screens
- Coffeebreak -
13.25h - Mirjam Struppek: urban screening cultures
13.45h - Panel debate - Reviving public space


15.15 - Tanya Toft: On curatorial perspectives in public space
15.35 - Panel debate - Curating the moving image in Public Space
16.30 - Performance 'Folgen' by Michelle Teran
- Coffeebreak -
17.30 - Trond Lossius: Re:place Project
17.40 - Artist talk by Bull Miletic: The revolving restaurant
18.15 - Animation Screening: Animated Cities