Sal 3 | Oct.27th | 16:30h | 45 min


Michelle Teran (CA) will present ‘Folgen’, a 45-minute lecture performance. Folgen draws on the existing narratives of video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin. Teran’s subjective approach, which weaves together mapping, literature and live performance, combines fragments of images and sound from YouTube videos with her own narration, using the traces video makers have left in the public sphere of the internet to follow people throughout the city. Through this process, the city becomes a place to be inhabited and experienced through another’s narrative — stepping into somebody else’s shoes. The performance is a deliberate mixing between reality and fiction, an interweaving narrative about desire. The many protagonists involved in the making of the work create the stories told during the performance.

The German word ‘Folgen’ has several meanings. As a verb it means ‘to follow’, while as a noun it refers to episodes, consequences, implications or effects. The project draws on several meanings of the word. The act of following someone or something builds up a collection of stories, pieced together in different orders and variations. Concurrently, both the disclosure and the act of following personal information towards its geographical source has unanticipated effects and consequences.

Symposium Overview

11.30h - Registration
12.00h - Welcome by Daniela Arriado
12.05h - Simone Arcagni: CityNet - the city as macromedium
12.25h - Simon Biggs: A question of screens – images, media, storytelling
12.45h - Ava Fatah Gen. Schieck: Social interaction and urban screens
- Coffeebreak -
13.25h - Mirjam Struppek: urban screening cultures
13.45h - Panel debate - Reviving public space


15.15 - Tanya Toft: On curatorial perspectives in public space
15.35 - Panel debate - Curating the moving image in Public Space
16.30 - Performance 'Folgen' by Michelle Teran
- Coffeebreak -
17.30 - Trond Lossius: Re:place Project
17.40 - Artist talk by Bull Miletic: The revolving restaurant
18.15 - Animation Screening: Animated Cities