Cities are undergoing a constant renewal of life, from the recovering shrinking cities to the struggling megalopolis; they are blowing in the global wind of change. Cities are facing various forces creating cycles of construction and destruction. Influenced by population growth, political interests and a growing dominance of economic models the urban landscape transforms: history becomes manifest in the fabric of the physical space, leaving future traces of the human race.

Dario Bardic: Time Travel 01’00 min

Jonathan Monaghan: Alibi 02’00 min

Ida Warholm Bjørken: Passing By 02’33 min

Alan Warburton: Z 03’00 min

Aline Helmcke: Destrukt 02’20 min

Dario Bardic (NL): Time Travel | HD Video | 1’00 min | 2001


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia has been witness to great changes. This work builds a bridge between the 20th and the 21st Century by showing the subtle changes transforming the character of the city. The shift from vintage photos of the past to the lively colourful present, from stillness to movement reflect the progress of society.

Jonathan Monaghan (US): Alibi | HD looping 3D animation | 2’00 min | 2011


Alibi digitally recreates the secretive and private Alibi Club, comprising Washington DC’s most elite and powerful men. The animation depicts the nondescript 19th century building with the properties of fabric, gently blowing in the wind; creating meditation on secretive power and its constant presence in the urban landscape.

Ida Warholm Bjørken (NO): Passing By | video-animation| 2’33 min | 2011


A listed house is moving towards its new address. It rolls slowly forward through a neighbourhood in Old King´s road at Buran in Trondheim, Norway. The video is in a fact a documentary of urban change, but at the same time can remind metaphorically of a life journey.

Alan Warburton (UK): Z | 3D animation| 3’00 min | 2012


Z’ is composed of z-depth images a ghostly data-driven format interpreting objects according to distance: those closest to the camera are black; those furthest away white. If this ‘selective vision’ is animated, details are lost at either end of the spectrum while gradually revealing objects in-between. This effect can dramatically can mystify historical narratives. How do we make sense of the clutter of current events and how, in an era of intense global change, are we affected by a kind of long-term myopia that conceals the larger forces at work?

Aline Helmcke (DE): Destrukt | animation| 2’20 min | 2005


The animation ‘Destrukt’ is built on single frame drawings taken from political report photographs of the daily news. Unusually complex for a drawn animation, these drawings transform, blurring the identity of once familiar images. Thus, an impression of decomposition rather than a narrative structure evolves around the dramatic incidents. Sound adds to the surreal and unsettling atmosphere of the work.


Pedersgata street and Nytorget is an important focus of the urban development being a ”bridge” between Stavanger City Center and the growing east side. It is still consisting of several empty spaces facing future transformations. The Screen Passage project aims to explore the area, presenting video art in shop windows along this route. Through several screenings and installations, following different themes, we hope to highlight a sensitive approach of revitalizing this area.