Shaping Public Space. Moving Cityscapes

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The Screen City festival is dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city`s facades, shop windows and urban venues enlightening and changing the vision of the urban context of Stavanger. It will take place for the first time from October 25th – 27th 2013. The program will experiment with the reshaping of public space through Media Art, presenting a program of video art, animation, creative data visualizations, projection mapping and participatory urban media interventions.

The festival explores different perspectives on how we construct and deconstruct our city and most of all – space. From the spatial practice of everyday life in comparison to the representations of space, how we perceive our city – to how we conceptualize our city – through mapping, planning and the intellectualization of space.

The moving image: new cinematic experiences in public space

The moving image is a classic artistic medium for storytelling, which is currently experiencing a rapid change through new media tools. Its history shows the potential and power it has to visualize current tendencies, political resistance and poetic layers in everyday life. We believe it deserves its space in public, in the urban realm to catalyse change and progress. We believe in the cinematic experience outside the theatre room – not replacing – but offering a new format for the genre.

Stavanger – a city of change and development

The city of Stavanger is currently undergoing rapid city development, mostly driven by the wealth from the Oil business. Like most places facing rapid growth, it meets challenges of gentrification and conflicts of interests. Our point of departure, for both content production and sites for screenings, are those areas with development potential currently in the middle of an urban transformation, which we think need careful identity and community building.

Pedersgata street and Nytorget is an important focus of the urban development being a ”bridge” between Stavanger City Center and the growing east side. It still consists of several empty spaces facing future transformations. How can artistic interventions guide and support reflection on this process by giving a voice to different parties and ideas? What fears are there and what kind of city do we dream of and want to live in?

We have invited artists and filmmakers to reclaim the city, challenge the concept of public space and use it as a canvas for telling urban visions – to rethink, imagine, reveal, animate, transform cityscapes and revive Stavanger’s neighbourhood through the moving image.

Endangered neighbourhoods – reflecting dreams and fears

During the selection process of our open call for shorts for our neighbourhood screening, we extracted reappearing themes and current issues expressed poetically in the following sections:

(De)constructing Space

Cities are undergoing a constant renewal of life, from the recovering shrinking cities to the struggling megalopolis; they are blowing in the global wind of change. Cities are facing various forces creating cycles of construction and destruction. Influenced by population growth, political interests and a growing dominance of economic models the urban landscape transforms: history becomes manifest in the fabric of the physical space, leaving future traces of the human race.

The Urban Tide

The tide is a tension between excess and lack, withdrawal and attack. Water is a vital element for the living but at the same time it can become a threat to life, forcing populations to escape. Historical wells, splendid fountains, urban riversides are rediscovered as a celebrated place for an engaging public space, but at the same time we waste and trample on this precious source of life. Like in a senseless war between nature and man, we bring a fragile system out of equilibrium. But don’t be too sure who will win the fight!

Borders and Migration

We build inner and outer borders to protect us from the foreign; we create hierarchies and categories to exclude the strange. Like some animals we need to defend our precious ground. There are similarities indeed between us humans and the animals like this defence of the territory, but migration and change of place, a natural phenomenon in the wildlife, seems to be a threat and burden for the human race.

Branding the Smooth City of Control

In a complex relation, the culture of fear, the promotion of consumption, the pressure to be individual, all fuel a modern system of urban control. It is keeping us quiet and homogenous, so we are serving speechless like slaves in a golden cage for the benefit of only a few. How can we escape this perfumed haze that lulls us while paralysing our mind? How can we break this system to start really improving our lives?

Imaginary Landscapes

In a hyper connected world we are living between various places. To escape reality, we travel into transnational dream-world spaces. Caged in square concrete blocks, we are yearning for romantic landscapes and augment our world to improve our sad big city life. We search the exit for our inner nature and we hope, some day, the separating screen will turn into a door opening us a new way.

Curated by Daniela Arriado (NO/CL) and Mirjam Struppek (DE)

Program Overview


19h | Vernissage, partner event - Re:place exhibition: This must be the place | KINOKINO – Sandnes kunstforening


19h - 20h | Opening act: Architectural Mapping by Bordos.ArtWorks | Stavanger Domkirke

19h - 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata street 31-33, 38, 46; Nytorget_Bakspeilet square, Rogaland Art Centre

21h - 02h | Opening party | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen, Kvitsøygata 25

22h | Live performance: by Greg Pope and John Hegre | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen


12h and 18h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | The tour starts from Stavanger train station.
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14h and 15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | SF Kino, Sal 8 - Stavanger

19h – 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h – 22h | Urban Screening Nordic Outbreak presents: Everyday Territories | Lervigstunet Park

20h – 22h | Live acts: Tou Scene VJ show by Bordos.ArtWorks In collaboration with Estonian Dream, Festival of Contemporary Art


11h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | Departure 11h: Stavanger train station.
11.16-11.40h – Soundwalk | Sandnes City Center
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12h – 19.30h | Symposium: Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

16.30h – 17.15h | Lecture Performance "Folgen" by Michelle Teran | KINOKINO, Sal 3 - Sandnes

18.15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

19h - 24h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h - 21h | Youth Program – Reclaiming the city | Screening at Pedersgata 31.