In a complex relation, the culture of fear, the promotion of consumption, the pressure to be individual, all fuel a modern system of urban control. It is keeping us quiet and homogenous, so we are serving speechless like slaves in a golden cage for the benefit of only a few. How can we escape this perfumed haze that lulls us while paralysing our mind? How can we break this system to start really improving our lives?

Dario Bardic: Inside 03’10 min

Michael Pinsky: Endless High Street 1: Pret-a-Manger 03’00 min

Albert Merino: “La ciudad y el otro” 03’10 min

Alice Arnold: Shifting Views 01’02 min

Mike Faulkner: Secured by Design 00’24 min

Michelle Teran: 17 Cities 02’20 min

Dario Bardic (NL): INSIDE | HD Video | 3’10 min | 2009


“Inside” is a visual, subconscious poetry. Hands seem to be exploring the shiny surface of our modern, universal architecture. Are they searching for the human value of their aesthetic facades? Or do they want to escape a domestic world dominated by feelings of isolation and inability to communicate?

Michael Pinsky (UK): Endless High Street 1: Pret-a-Manger | HD Video| 3’00 min | 2011


Cities in the UK seem to be the most homogenised. Each high street contains the same chains. Each aspect of our public life has been catered for, packaged neatly into a theme, guaranteeing a particular product or experience, a world with few risks. Everywhere one sees the same street furniture and paving. What led to this process of duplication? Is it the urban planner’s choice, or our desire, a desperate need for conformity, reliability and reassurance, we derive comfort and security from?

Albert Merino: La ciudad y el otro / The City & the Other | Video HD | 3’10 min | 2010


A tale about individualism and the condition of the subject in the contemporary city. The individual sees himself immersed in an urban space that literally mirrors himself. The re- production of the protagonist represents an extension of subjectivity and an alienation at the same time. This impenetrability is broken when an accidental strange encounter changes the protagonist’s perception of the world.

Alice Arnold (US): Shifting Views | Super 8mm | 1’02 min | 2013


“Shifting Views” is a montage of flowing city views shot on Super 8mm film and arranged in a constructivist moving grid formation. The video explores the streets of several world cities and invites the viewer to compare urban spaces in an age of global city branding and consumerism fuelled by ubiquitous advertisement.

Mike Faulkner (UK): Secured by Design | animation| 0’24 min | 2012


Security control is a ubiquitous feature of London’s urban landscape, with the world highest density of public surveillance cameras. The video reflects this climate of pervasive ambient fear. Composed of hundreds of photos of cameras and underlined by a soundtrack of public security announcements. The cameras, slowly scanning London in search for potential subjects, hover at the centre of the screen like an ominous presence: Someone is watching you!

Michelle Teran (CA): 17 Cities | animation| 2’20 min | 2005


Wireless surveillance footage, transmitted from offices, streets, stores and homes, was intercepted walking through the streets with a video scanner. An animated selection from this archive, cycles through scenes from Brussels, Berlin, Chicago, Seoul, Barcelona and Montreal. Moving from the commercial space to the street, to the home, the bed, to the televisual and finally moving back out into the urban nightlife, parallel stories evolve, and cities start to merge into a meta-narrative of contemporary urbanity, depicted through the eyes of the surveillance camera.

Pedersgata street and Nytorget is an important focus of the urban development being a ”bridge” between Stavanger City Center and the growing east side. It is still consisting of several empty spaces facing future transformations. The Screen Passage project aims to explore the area, presenting video art in shop windows along this route. Through several screenings and installations, following different themes, we hope to highlight a sensitive approach of revitalizing this area.