We build inner and outer borders to protect us from the foreign; we create hierarchies and categories to exclude the strange. Like some animals we need to defend our precious ground. There are similarities indeed between us humans and the animals like this defence of the territory, but migration and change of place, a natural phenomenon in the wildlife, seems to be a threat and burden for the human race.

Silvia Ospina: Animals- ein Tanzduett 04’00 min

Dario Bardic: “LUNCHTIME” 01’00 min

Bjørn Magnhildøen: Crossover 01’17 min

Zanny Begg: thisisnotacitizen 03’10 min

Chris Brandl: NO TOI 00’30 min

Chris Brandl: MONEY4NOTHING 00’18 min

Jessica Koppe: and even if 02’10 min

Silvia Ospina (CO): Animals- ein Tanzduett | HD Video| 4’00 min | 2008


“Animals” reflects about territory and space. The encounter of a bull and a deer begins with the mutual sniffing. Curious and proud they stand in front each other to demonstrate their strength. But soon it is all over: a combat is established and the stronger is victorious. Dance and scenery combine in congenial manner to expose a kind of urban fauna defending its territory in our city spaces threatened by development.

Dario Bardic (NL): LUNCHTIME | HD Video | 1’00 min | 2009


A truly astonishing scene in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia: The perfect integration of the strange, the complete assimilation of the foreign. In a peaceful manner wild exotic animals reclaim the urban public spaces, coexisting naturally among the city dwellers mutually relaxing in the park.

Bjørn Magnhildøen (NO): Crossover | HD Video | 1’17 min | 2013


“Crossing over – thresholds – of human and animal – the city animal – animal lost. Quadruped or biped – public regulation of locomotion -, man is the upright animal -. Though easily humiliated – in the constructs of his own creation. A critical mass of one – the digital any or none – atom, clinamen, deviation – swerve, how the world became modern…”

Zanny Begg (AU): This is not a Citizen | Film & animation| 3’10 min | 2013


“This is not a Citizen” is a short animated video sequence that explore issues of citizenship, belonging and exclusion. It is an excerpt from a longer film, The Right of Passage, produced in collaboration with Oliver Ressler, which focuses on the struggles of journeys to obtain citizenship, while at the same time questioning the implicitly exclusionary nature of this concept.

Chris Brandl (DE): NO TOI | animation| 0’30 min | 2008


2.5 billion people on our planet do not have access to sanitarian facilities not even to clean water. While we seem to be afraid of masses of escaping refugees and immigrants stealing our acquired luxuries, we forget that exactly this wealth is based on the global imbalance in trade and dominant relationships among humans of different kind.

Chris Brandl (DE): MONEY4NOTHING | animation| 0’18 min | 2009


“If you got some money to burn, give it to the good ones.” The short scene pitilessly reveals how the two “urban gestures” of romantically feeding the birds and giving small coins to the poor beggar resemble each other. We are reminded of how we treat our less fortunate fellow human beings.

Jessica Koppe (DE): and even If | cut-out animation| 2’10 min | 2011


The handmade cut out animation shows a character that assembles a few things. At first, it seems as if he was just going to make himself at home. But soon the accumulation of objects becomes obsessive, until eventually everything collapses. Caught in a cycle the game starts all over again like it does for Sisyphus in ancient Greek mythology.

Pedersgata street and Nytorget is an important focus of the urban development being a ”bridge” between Stavanger City Center and the growing east side. It is still consisting of several empty spaces facing future transformations. The Screen Passage project aims to explore the area, presenting video art in shop windows along this route. Through several screenings and installations, following different themes, we hope to highlight a sensitive approach of revitalizing this area.