30 Oct

November  7th 2014 | 19.00 – 01.00 | OTHERSCREEN
Location: Ex-prison Le Nuove, Via Paolo Borsellino, 3 – Sala cinema – Map

Comunicato stampa (IT) – pdf

The Others is an international fair and exhibition project dedicated to young artists and the emerging contemporary art, “an observatory  on  the  Italian  and  international  emerging  creativity. It  celebrates  four  years  and  confirms  its propensity for experimentation and gives up any notion of certainty to explore “the wild side”, more free, difficult to define and categorize.” (press release EN)

“This year, The Others is The Wild Side and comes up as a different and cross look that runs through the present day, sharing and reflecting it. The Wild Side is not the theme but an inspiration…. The Others 2014 proposes three new sections: OtherScreen, OtherStage and OtherSound…. OtherScreen is a screening room devoted to vision, a small temporary cinema, where every day videos will alternate with films”  (2. Newsletter)


Screen City Festival presents Borders & Migration at The Wild Side

25 years ago the iron curtain fell in Europe and opened new streams of migration and resettlement of people. But we have been building new inner and outer borders and walls to protect us from the foreign, the strange and the wild. Like some animals we need to defend our precious ground. There are similarities indeed between us humans and the animals like this defence of the territory. But is migration and change of place, a natural phenomenon in the wildlife, just a burden for the human race?

Six artists are reflecting on the global issue around borders and migration through the medium of short video art. However the context of ”The Others” and it’s unique location – the former jail of Le Nuove – as well as the theme  ”The Wild Side” will open up new meanings and thoughts …

Artists & works:

Silvia Ospina (CO): Animals- ein Tanzduett | HD Video| 4’00 min | 2008

Dario Bardic (NL): Lunchtime | HD Video | 1’00 min | 2009

Bjørn Magnhildøen (NO): Crossover | HD Video | 1’17 min | 2013

Chris Brandl (DE): No Toi | animation| 0’30 min | 2008

Chris Brandl (DE): Money4Nothing | animation| 0’18 min | 2009

Jessica Koppe (DE): and even if | cut-out animation| 2’10 min | 2011

Zanny Begg (AU): This is not a Citizen | Film & animation| 3’10 min | 2013

Curators: Daniela Arriado (CL/NO) / Mirjam Struppek (DE/I)

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