Animated Cities

SF Kino, Stavanger, Sal 8 | Oct. 26th | 14:00h & 15:00h
KINOKINO, Sandnes (symposium) Sal 2 | Oct. 27th | 18:15h

Animation isn’t just for kids, fairy tales or gags and puns. Animation is also a wonderful medium to talk about serious complicated issues. Thanks to its total artistic freedom and ability to look inside and under the surface, animation can be often very helpful in explaining difficult problems or showing the true emotions hidden deep inside of our hearts. Both of these above mentioned qualities could be hopefully found in our selection “Animated Cities”. Enjoy your animated walk through symbolic or real cities from the perspective of independent animators from all around the world.

Curated by Eliska Decka & Sylva Polakova (CZ) /PAF – festival of film animation.

Zlin Soup / Zlínská polévka – dir. Akile Nazli Kaya | CZ | 2007 | 8’30”


An animated silly collage about the Czech small town Zlin, once rich and successful thanks to its famous shoe factory, now desperately looking for some new directions and ways how to bring back any community life back to Zlin

The Lost Tribes of New York City – dir. Andy a Carolyn London | USA | 2008 | 3′


Urban anthropologists, Andy and Carolyne London interview some of New York City’s more overlooked citizens. This shows a wonderful example of the close connection between magic of animation and our realistic everyday world

The Other Side / Die Andere Seite – dir. Ellie Land | DE | 2007 | 5’16”


An Animated Documentary about the Berlin Wall, exploring childhood imagination of what they believed to be on the other side, having never been there. A beautiful example of how can city become a living creature thanks to the animation

City Paradise – dir. Gaëlle Denis | UK | 2004 | 6


Tomoko arrives to London from Japan and comes across a secret underground city. When she finds it, everything changes. A beautiful story about how to find “your place” in a strange urban world

Graffitiger – dir. Libor Pixa | CZ | 2010 | 10′


A witty and a slightly melancholic story of a lonely graffiti-tiger whose home place are walls and facades of Prague’s buildings. The city is compared to a wild jungle where the tiger looks for his lost love

Feeling my way – dir. Jonathan Hodgson | UK | 1997 | 6′


What goes around comes around – the daily cycle of home-work-home illuminated in collage, Hi-8 and paint. What is hidden beneath the surface of city’s streets full of anonymous people?

Soho Square – dir. Mario Cavalli | UK | 1992 | 11


A typical summer’s day in a small square in Central London. A poetic colorful essay without the words about the beauty of public spaces when they live together with their citizens.

Pixels – dir. Patrick Jean | FR | 2010 | 3′


New York City is invaded by 8-bit creatures. Patrick Jean’s crazy sci-fi vision isn’t just pure fun with a lot of 8-bit gags but reflects also on the conformity of many today’s metropolises and our days in them. Doesn’t your life consist of little 8-bits as well?

A-Z – dir. Sally Arthur | UK | 2007 | 3′


Mrs. P gets lost in London so we don’t have to. An animated short based on true history of the first efforts how to stuck a whole city into one little book. Make system of chaos; find our way around, gets the city under our control

The Ugly Square/Le vilain petite carré Dir.Tout court (Charles Klipfel, Quentin Carnicelli) | FR | 2010| 6′


In just a square world, something isn’t right. A six minutes stop-motion in color paper inspired by The Ugly Duckling. Beautiful cities are those cities, which include every kind of citizens and are inspired by them at the same time. Diversity rules!

Program Overview


19h | Vernissage, partner event - Re:place exhibition: This must be the place | KINOKINO – Sandnes kunstforening


19h - 20h | Opening act: Architectural Mapping by Bordos.ArtWorks | Stavanger Domkirke

19h - 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata street 31-33, 38, 46; Nytorget_Bakspeilet square, Rogaland Art Centre

21h - 02h | Opening party | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen, Kvitsøygata 25

22h | Live performance: by Greg Pope and John Hegre | Tou Scene, Maskinhallen


12h and 18h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | The tour starts from Stavanger train station.
Registration here!

14h and 15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | SF Kino, Sal 8 - Stavanger

19h – 02h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h – 22h | Urban Screening Nordic Outbreak presents: Everyday Territories | Lervigstunet Park

20h – 22h | Live acts: Tou Scene VJ show by Bordos.ArtWorks In collaboration with Estonian Dream, Festival of Contemporary Art


11h | Mobile intervention: audio visual train-installation and soundwalk by Circumstance | Departure 11h: Stavanger train station.
11.16-11.40h – Soundwalk | Sandnes City Center
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12h – 19.30h | Symposium: Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

16.30h – 17.15h | Lecture Performance "Folgen" by Michelle Teran | KINOKINO, Sal 3 - Sandnes

18.15h | Animation Screening: Animated Cities | KINOKINO, Sal 2 - Sandnes

19h - 24h | Neighbourhood Projections - Screen Passage | Pedersgata 31-33, 38, 46 & Nytorget_Bakspeilet, Rogaland Art Centre

19h - 21h | Youth Program – Reclaiming the city | Screening at Pedersgata 31.